Why Choose CBT Dublin

Why clients choose CBT Dublin for cognitive behavioural therapy:

Choosing a CBT therapist is difficult, as there are many options in the growing number of therapists entering practice in CBT in 2018, something we celebrate as CBT grows in strength, as the therapy to choose first.

We believe our clients when they tell us that CBT Dublin offers:

1. An empathetic understanding therapist

2. A rational and easy to understand approach

3. A personalised service

4. A supportive and motivating therapist

5. Focussed and client centred sessions

We also believe these following reasons count too:

1. Our therapist is a specialist in anxiety, self-esteem and phobias, this means you get to speak to someone who knows these areas best and who has had years of specialising and working with clients on these areas.

2. Virtual Face to face 1:1 sessions over Skype in the comfort of your own home.

3. Our therapist has been in CBT full time since 2008 and has seen hundreds of clients in that time with great success.

4. Our therapist constantly updates her skills with all the latest cognitive behavioural therapeutic methods.

5. Flexibility of times and days - CBT Dublin is open 5 days a week, mostly from 10am to 8pm.

6. We support you between sessions with our online system and app.

7. We have a fantastic modern technology platform you will get to use with your own safe SSL encrypted personalised account containing all your own worksheets and helpful video's and tools and reminders of sessions and worksheet reminders.

8. Flexibility in booking options if you initially don't have the time, or, even confidence to speak to our therapist at the booking stage you can book online using our online booking system. 24/7.

9. A safe SSL encrypted booking system using the world famous 'Paypal', which takes all major bank cards.

10. I think our trumpet has run out of puff why not make an appointment to see if you can find any additional reasons why our therapist is the therapist to choose.

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