LGBTQ CBT is for all, whether you are suffering from anxiety, self-esteem or phobic issues I am here to help.  I offer a safe and open space to breathe and get the problems off your chest and into a CBT action plan to help you feel in control and in charge of yourself again. 

I have worked continuously with the LGBTQ community, with clients throughout Europe, to offer a safe haven and CBT over the last ten years.  I know how scary it is to choose a friendly ear to talk to in therapy and I offer a neutral and helpful space to all. 

LGBTQ CBT - How I can help you

I have helped many clients at different life stages and ages 'come out' to loved ones, friends and colleagues and understand the intrepidation, angst and fear of being judged, that people expect at this important life stage.  Working in CBT with LGBTQ clients through Ireland's referendum on same sex marriage in 2015 was a highlight in my career, as so many people felt liberated to be open and be themselves, but I also know how hard it can be when 'coming out' doesn't go according to plan and some people aren't so embracing of who you are. With cognitive behavioural therapy I will give you some great techniques and tools to help cope with this change in other's perceptions and help you be the brave and courageous person you want to be in your way and in your own time.

I had a long work record in HR in my twenties and understand how stressful workplaces can be for all and certainly for those perceived to be 'different', it can be even harder.  I can help you navigate work place issues and overcome obstacles to career development and change that can hold people back. 

I have a great track record over the last decade in LGBTQ CBT for relationship issues and have a host of helpful techniques, tools and other CBT tips that can help you in your relationships at any stage, whether it's starting your first relationship as an LGBTQ person or working through a bad break up or other challenging relationship stage,  CBT is a tried and trusted therapy for all these areas.

Whatever your source of concern, worry, stress and anxiety I am here to help.  You can book in today and look forward to getting some great LGBTQ CBT therapy to help you get where you want to be.

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