CBT Self-Esteem Sessions

If you are experiencing issues with self-esteem, self belief and confidence in your abilities our CBT self-esteem sessions are proven to be very effective. It could be that you are seeing and thinking of yourself in an overly negative way and that can lead to poor self esteem and a lack of self worth. Using proven Cognitive behavioural therapy techniques will assist you in improving self-esteem.

Self-esteem problems commonly helped with CBT include: work related problems, communication, assertiveness, relationship issues, self-identity, body image, sexual issues, presentation etc.

CBT uses a variety of cognitive behavioural therapy methods to help improve self-esteem by identifying the negative thoughts and subsequent feelings and behaviour that is creating the lack of self-esteem. Whether it is through being self critical, doubting, avoidance of challenges and opportunities, sabotaging, or inflicting overly high expectations on yourself.

CBT helps improve self-esteem by teaching new ways of thinking through challenging the negative thoughts and gaining perspective and rationality via a range of techniques including belief change, hypothesis testing, behavioural experiments, relaxation and positive visualisation.

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