CBT Phobia Sessions

Using CBT Phobia sessions can really help you get back in control in relation to certain stimuli that you have become adverse to.

What is a Phobia?

A phobia is when if you come near to, or in contact with, the feared object/situation your anxiety levels rise. This can lead onto uncomfortable physical symptoms such as increased breathing and heart rate, sweating, dry mouth and throat, dizziness, sickness, trembling, tight feeling in the stomach, these are typical phobia induced reactions. The brain communicates to the nervous system that you are anxious which then releases adrenaline into your blood. The result of this phobic experience may mean you go to great lengths to avoid facing your fear and can even bring on anxiety by just thinking of the feared situation or object which can hold you back from living a full life. This is where CBT phobia sessions can help you move on to the life you want to lead and leave the phobia behind.

Phobia of Social Situations

The most common phobia is Social Phobia. Anxiety occurs just by worrying about what other people think of you, which leads to a reluctance to socialise, be introduced to new people, or public speaking in any form. The phobia is often triggered by thoughts that you will act foolishly or be humiliated and that will result in other people judging you as unintelligent, inferior, weak etc This results in social withdrawal and avoidance of the phobia.


Agoraphobia is a common fear of places and situations such as public places, public transport, enclosed spaces such as shopping centres, restaurants, theatres, escalators and elevators. The fear is generated by a belief that help or assistance will be unavailable or you will not be in control of leaving. This increases anxiety and panic with the goal of needing to get away from the place or situation in order to alleviate the anxiety. This in turn can lead to restrictions on your life by avoiding such places and situation. CBT has extensive evidence to suggest that this phobia can be treated most effectively by using CBT.

Other Phobias

Other phobias can be fear of a particular animal, fear of the doctor, fear of flying, claustrophobia and others. CBT can help with all phobic responses using a variety or cognitive behavioural therapy techniques.

CBT Phobia Sessions Help

CBT phobia sessions helps you change certain ways of thinking to help change behaviour through understanding that certain ways of thinking can trigger certain phobias. Identifying the false ideas that are being unhelpful assists change through rethinking these ideas to avoid the negative ideas, resulting in more realistic thoughts.

Various cognitive behavioural therapy techniques are used, depending on the condition and circumstances.

For example, with agoraphobia exposure to the phobic situation is taken small steps at a time. This session may involve taking a short walk with the therapist from your home while the therapist offers advice. This walk will increase over time to eventually exposing you to the full fear while offering you support and teaching you how to control the anxious feelings in those situations through different methods.

Using tried, tested and validated CBT for phobias will increase your chances of moving on quickly, as response times are usually faster with CBT than with most other therapies. Click here to see how CBT phobia sessions works.

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