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Here are some of our recent testimonials for CBT Dublin, some names have been withheld to protect our clients request for confidentiality.

Ciara - Anxiety

"When Clare left her office in December 2016 I had already been for a few sessions for my anxiety. I moved over to the Skype sessions easily and loved the fact that I was at home and didn't have to drive an hour home after the sessions, which I had been doing!  I think the technology is amazing, having worked with the loose worksheets from the office sessions to having them organised in front of me on the screen was a real help. Keep up the good work!" 

Alex - Anxiety

"I started with CBT Dublin in 2015 using the online service.  I was hesitant at first but Clare put me at ease from the start.  The sessions online were really useful for me and I found the technology easy to use too.  I progressed fast with Clare and my anxiety and panic attacks are now behind me." 

Ciara - Anxiety

Hi Clare, thank you for all your help this year, the work we did together on my anxiety and self esteem issues has really helped.  I have just got a new job and all is going well, I am sure that the CBT has been a real help in all ways. Thanks again.

Pat - Panic Attacks

I had been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for a number of months following on from a health scare and one day did an internet search on CBT. I then found out about CBT Dublin and Clare and that really was the start of my recovery. I found the techniques excellent and the fact that everything was based on such well researched techniques and practices very reassuring. I also found Clare really easy to talk to and even enjoyed our sessions. My confidence improved and I am delighted to say the panic attacks are a thing of the past and I now feel so much better able to deal with stress so that it does not result in anxiety. Thank you Clare. 

Sarah - Relationship Self Esteem

I had come to the end of a difficult relationship at the end of last year and knew I had to work on my self esteem. Clare worked with a friend of mine in CBT a few years back and was highly recommended. I came to the sessions for about three months and really learnt a lot about myself and found my 'perspectives' greatly changed in a good way by the end of it. I feel a lot better about who I am and what I can achieve and highly recommend Clare as a very professional therapist to work with in this area.

Conal - Confidence

Clare really helped me overcome my fear of presentations, I was nervous about starting CBT even, but she made me feel really comfortable with the work involved from the start and I found the work straightforward and very very helpful. Thanks Clare!

Colm - Self-esteem

I was referred to Clare at CBT-Dublin by my Doctor a few months ago. I originally went to discuss work related problems and my lack of assertiveness. Over the time I spent with Clare I developed more confidence in work and also in other areas of my life and want to say a big thank you to her for her efforts and dedication. Life has really changed for me in just a matter of months. CBT is really worth it and Clare is great to work with.

Sorina - Anxiety

My GP recommended CBT and after 2 unsuccessful attempts I came across Clare by chance. The starting point was where I have literally felt I am losing my mind and had serious concerns about my mental health, the journey of recovery undertaken by Clare through such a professional, structured approach yet relaxed (even funny) brought me to the brighter side: I have never felt more confident, stronger and at peace with myself. I feel I can face any challenge life would throw at me knowing I can deal with it. It may sound like a cliché to the public at large, but to me it sounds and it feels as one of the greatest accomplishments of my life.

It was an experience that does not finish here because the valuable tools and techniques that Clare taught me will stay with me for the future.

I have seen CBT without success and benefits. This time was successful and so very beneficial only because Clare’s gift and professionalism were behind it.

Thank you so much Clare!

Damien - Self-Esteem

Hi Clare, thank you so much for everything, I feel like I have learnt a great deal and am so much better.

Tanya - Anxiety & Self Esteem

Hi Clare just to let you know I am managing the techniques well and am happy with my progress. Thanks for all your help.

Paul - Anxiety & Self-esteem

Having suffered from anxiety, low esteem and problems sleeping, I found about CBT online and contacted Clare. Over a series of classes, Clare helped me to restore my confidence and reduce stress through specific mental exercises and practical tools which are now part of my everyday life. It has given me the confidence and ability to accept, reduce stress and adapt to situations which may arise over time.

Clare’s approach is very relaxed, making you very much at ease, while the practical exercises are really helpful. Overall I really am glad that I contacted Clare as it is one of the most beneficial therapies that I have undertaken. At every opportunity I mention CBT to family and friends as a therapy to avail of.

Donal - Anxiety

Working with Clare was great, I had 8 sessions in all and got different techniques on how to deal with stress that work for me. I am able to deal with things much better since the course.

Sarah - Self-Esteem

Hi Clare, as you know I came to you after seeing another therapist for a few months without much success. Fortunately your sessions have really shown me the benefits of CBT because with your progressive, forward focussed style I have been shown and used many techniques and tools and 'experiments' that have increased my confidence and self-belief to the extent that I went for and got the promotion at work and my relationship has improved dramatically. Thank you so much and I will be highly recommending you.

LB - OCD & Anxiety

After been recommended to have CBT by my GP for OCD and Anxiety issues I found cbt-dublin online. That's how I met Clare and I found her to be a brilliant therapist and person that has really helped me so much and I would highly recommend her to anybody.

Hannah - Anxiety & Self-Esteem

I went to see Clare during my final masters year in college. After a series of bad relationships I suffered from anxiety and low self esteem. I felt like the final year was becoming impossible to complete. Clare not only listened to what I had to say but actually set exercises to help me help myself. I'd been to therapists before and have never seen results as good. I completed my masters and graduated with an honours last month. After seeing Clare I felt more in control of my own life, and felt better about myself as a person. Thank you Clare.

Robert - Confidence and Self-Esteem

I went to Clare suffering from a lack of confidence and low self esteem. Somebody had recommended CBT to me and I thought it would be a pro active way of dealing with these problems. And it was. The sessions with Clare helped me regain my confidence and my self esteem and have helped me take a more positive approach in my life. Thanks again Clare.

Fiona - Panic Attacks & Anxiety

Hi Clare, before I came to you I suffered panic attacks and constant feelings of anxiety that severely affected my social and work life. After completing the course of CBT, I am more confident, happy and hopeful than I have ever been, and equipped for what life has in store for me. Thank you so much.

Donal - Anxiety

I went to see Clare because I had been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety for several months. Given my background as a health professional, I though of CBT first. I wasn't sure how it would work for me until I had finished the first couple of sessions with Clare. I started to feel like I hadn't felt in months. I was getting control back over my panic, rallying my anxious feelings, and learning where it all came from. As our sessions went on I couldn't believe the change in how I felt. I shed my fear of losing control in a panic attack, I started to look forward to going to work again, to going out with friends. Even little things in life were no longer racked by senseless anxiety. Clare guided me through my own mind and, through CBT, equipped me with the tools I needed to move on with my life without panic or anxiety. Thank you Clare!

Angela - Anxiety

After a course of CBT my anxiety levels reduced greatly due to the techniques I learned from Clare. I no longer dread work or social situations and am so much happier with life. Thank you so much Clare.

Anna - Social Phobia

Hi Clare, I came to see you for a number of sessions to conquer my fear of going to shopping centres, I can definitely say that these sessions have made a real difference and I am now able to shop with my friends for the first time in years. Thank you.

Janet - Anxiety

CBT Dublin helped me overcome my anxiety after my marriage broke down, I feel much better and more positive now.

Tom - OCD

I had been to see a number of different therapists and counsellors over the years but have had the best result from this. My OCD has diminished and I feel more in control of my actions.

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