CBT Short Online Courses

Fast and Powerful CBT 'Short & Snappy' Online Courses

Welcome to the start of something big! 

Over the next few months I am going to be finishing off some exciting 'short & snappy' CBT short online courses, for self-help, that zone in on different areas of anxiety, self-esteem and phobias that my clients have been suggesting to me this year. Thank you to all who have contributed! 

These short online courses will compliment the traditional therapeutic CBT 1:1 sessions that I do, and are not a replacement for my pure CBT therapy sessions, but they will help you get moving on particular obstacles that may be blocking your path to contentment. 

So, if you are looking to work on a particular issue, this will be a great destination for you to start that work off.  Up first, is a great course on 'Taking a Risk the Right Way.

Do you Have Suggestions for CBT Short Online Courses?

If you have suggestions that you would like to contribute, for a CBT online short course that you would like me to produce, please let me know.  All unique suggestions will get access to the course for free once published! 

Email me your suggestion