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This CBT article published on Nov 4th 2015 by Harvard Medical School discusses the growth of online therapy, which is booming and the technology that is really starting to make delivering online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) a realistic option, particularly if it is hard to get to a practitioners office.

Workplace CBT is becoming more recognised by HR looking for ways of helping their employees cope with work stress.  This is an interesting article published 08/10/15 on this subject.

CBT for insomnia an interesting article published 5/10/2015 for those looking for help with insomnia this is a useful article.

Irish Times - Call for More Investment in CBT

This is an interesting recent article 13/01/09 highlighting the need to train more CBT therapists in Ireland to meet the demands for cognitive behavioural therapy.

OCD Discussion
This article discusses OCD and various treatments for it including CBT.

CBT & Insomnia
This article in 'The Times online' discusses the benefits of using CBT to help insomnia.

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